Labour Rights and Interests
Form of Enquiries about Labour Legislation Formpdf    
Work-related Accident Reporting Form
(The online reporting service of work-related accident is available. Please click
Formpdf Samplepdf Guidance Notespdf
Declaration of Recovery from Work Accident Templatepdf    
Employment and Recruitment
Job-Seeking Registration Form Formpdf   Guidance Notes on Employment Registrationpdf
Vacancy Order Form 2D Barcode Formpdf
Normal Formpdf
  Guidance Notes on Recruitment Registrationpdf
Employment agency activity licence and branch licence application form Formpdf    
Application form for renewal and change of employment agency activity licence and
branch licence
Employment service adviser licence application form Formpdf    
Report form of employment service adviser, service fee schedule and opening hours Formpdf    
Occupational Safety and Health
Construction Industry Safety Card Course Formpdf    
Enquiries on Occupational Safety and Health – Assessment and Analysis on Safety Conditions and Hazardous Factors within the Work Environment Application letter-Individualpdf
Application letter-Private or public enterprisepdf
Application letter-Individual (Sample)pdf
Application letter-Private or public enterprise(Sample)pdf
Guidance Notes-Individualpdf
Guidance Notes-Private or public enterprisepdf
Physical Examination of Occupational Health Application letterpdf Application letter(Sample)pdf  
Physical Examination for Minors before / after
Application letterpdf
Agreement pdf
Application letter (Sample) pdf
Agreement (Sample) pdf
Guildline notes on application pdf
Guidelines for Google Chrome users to download the forms for the employment of non-resident workers pdf
Employment for Non-resident Workers
Skilled non-resident workers Admission DSAL-TNR-TE-CE Formpdf  
DSAL-TNR-TE-A-CE Formpdf  
DSAL-TNR-B-CE Formpdf  
List of operating premises templatepdf  
Renewal DSAL-TNR-TE-CE Formpdf  
DSAL-TNR-TE-A-CE Formpdf  
DSAL-TNR-B-CE Formpdf  
List of operating premises templatepdf  
Transfer DSAL-TNR-TE-CE Formpdf  
DSAL-TNR-A-CE Formpdf  
DSAL-TNR-B-CE Formpdf  
DSAL-TNR-TE-T-CE Formpdf  
List of operating premises templatepdf  
Non-skilled non-resident workers Admission DSAL-TNR-NE-CE Formpdf  
DSAL-TNR-NE-A-CE Formpdf  
DSAL-TNR-B-CE Formpdf  
DSAL-TNR-C-CE Formpdf  
List of operating premises templatepdf  
Renewal DSAL-TNR-NE-CE Formpdf  
DSAL-TNR-NE-R-CE Formpdf  
DSAL-TNR-B-CE Formpdf  
DSAL-TNR-C-CE Formpdf  
List of operating premises templatepdf  
Non-resident domestic workers Admission DSAL-TNR-XE-CE Formpdf  
Guarantor declaration templatepdf  
Renewal DSAL-TNR-XE-CE Formpdf  
Guarantor declaration templatepdf  
Work Permit for execution of self-profit activity for non-residents Admission DSAL-TNR-AP-CE Formpdf  
Renewal DSAL-TNR-AP-CE Formpdf  
Notification of reduction in the number of workers DSAL-TNR-MR-L-Eword  
Application for deadline extension of employment for the minimum required number of resident workers DSAL-TNR-CQ-L-Eword  
Notification of alteration of information - Non-resident domestic helper DSAL-TNR-XE-DECW-CEpdf  
Notification of alteration of information DSAL-TNR-NAI-CEpdf  
Complaints and Suggestions
Suggestion/complaint Form Formpdf
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