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Avenida do Dr. Francisco Vieira Machado 221-279, Edifício Advance Plaza, Macau

General Enquiry
2856 4109

2855 0477

Office Hours

9:00-13:00; 14:30-17:45 (Monday to Thursday)
9:00-13:00; 14:30-17:30 (Friday)

Labour Inspection Department

Enquiries on labour issues

Labour Affairs Bureau Head Office 1/F
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2871 7810


Denunciation of illegal work

2833 8808

2855 0477


Combat and prevention of forced labour

2871 7790



Employment Agency Activity Licence

2872 1928

2852 6345

Service Hours

Walk-in enquiries and complaints

9:00-13:00; 14:30-19:30 (Monday to Friday) 

Occupational Safety and Health Department

OSH Training Centre

Rua de Francisco Xavier Pereira 137-145, Edifício Industrial Pou Fong, 2/F, Macau
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2871 7781

2852 9799
(Document submission for occupational safety card courses)

Occupational Safety Card Courses

Labour Affairs Bureau Head Office 2/F
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2871 7781

Enquiries on occupational safety and health

2871 9936

Notification for work accidents (Online Reporting)

2871 7771

Employment Department

Employment registration

Labour Affairs Bureau Head Office G/F
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2872 2108

2852 8511

Recruitment registration

Confirmation of Involuntary Unemployment Allowance

Vocational Training Department

Vocational training courses – enquiries and application

Istmo de Ferreira do Amaral 101-105A, Edifício Industrial Tai Peng, Fase I, R/C, Macau
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8291 4888

2848 1363

Vocational skills evaluation – enquiries and application

Promotional activities – application for visiting the Vocational Training Department and organizing seminars

Non-resident Workers Employment Department

Application for employment of specialized non-resident worker(s)

Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues 614A-640, Edifício Long Cheng, 9/F-11/F, Macau (entrance at Rua de Goa 105)
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2833 6960

2871 1224

Application for employment of non-specialized non-resident worker(s)

Application for employment of non-resident domestic worker

Application of work permit for execution of self-profit activity for non-resident

Application for deadline extension of employment for the minimum required number of resident workers

Notification of reduction in the number of workers

Suggestion, Complaints and Objection

Comments on the Labour Affairs Bureau

Labour Affairs Bureau Head Office
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2858 1861

2855 0497

Interactive Voice Response System 2840 0333*

The information about the following services of the Labour Affairs Bureau can be obtained through calling us at 2840 0333:








Information on legislation regarding labour relations, suspension of work, work accidents, occupational diseases, and illegal work, and the Law for the Employment of Non-resident Workers


Information on employment registration, recruitment registration and employment agencies



Information on vocational training courses, skill tests and application methods



Enquiries and complaints regarding occupational safety and health



Enquiries on an inspector's name in charge of a labour dispute





Enquiries on applications for hiring non-resident workers and work permits for non-residents engaging in self-profit activities



Enquiries on non-resident workers application status


*Note: Our staff receives calls during office hours. Messages are recorded during non-office hours.

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