Law No. 4/98/M Framework Law on Employment Policy and Worker's Rights
Administrative Regulation No. 17/2004 Regulation on Prohibition of Illegal Work
Law No. 7/2008 Labour Relations Law
Decree-law No. 40/95/M Legal Regime on Compensation for Damage Arising from Work Accidents and Occupational Diseases
Law No. 21/2009 Law for the Employment of Non-Resident Workers
Administrative Regulation No. 8/2010 Regulation of the Law for the employment of non-resident workers
Dispatch of the Chief Executive No. 88/2010 Determine the minimum hygiene and living standards that the lodgings of non-resident workers must satisfy, and the corresponding minimum amount should the right to lodgings be satisfied in cash
Dispatch of the Chief Executive No. 89/2010 Determine the amount of the monthly employment fee that the employer needs to pay for each non-resident worker effectively employed
Administrative Regulation No. 13/2010 Regulation of the conditions or responsibilities to be established in the employment permit for non-resident workers
Law No. 5/2020 Minimum wage for employees 
Law No. 16/2020 Employment Agency Activity Law
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