Work Accidents - Rights and Interests (Employees)

Who shall be under such protection?
Employees, including resident and non-resident employees

When a work-related accident occurs, regardless of whether the injury is serious or not, the injured employee or his/her family members should notify the employer or the representatives of the employer, either verbally or in writing, within 24 hours after the occurrence of the accident.

Statutory compensation
When an employee had a work-related accident, he/she shall be entitled to:
  • Compensation equal to two-thirds of the wages corresponding to the absence period
  • Compensation for medical expenses
  • The statutory compensation for disability and death caused by work-related accident

Compensation for medical expenses
The maximum amount of compensation for the injured employee’s medical expenses is MOP$3,150,000.00.  If the injured employee receives medical treatment outside the hospitals or the health centers in Macao, the maximum amount of daily compensation for that is MOP$300.00.

Payment of medical expenses on credit
In the course of the employee’s claim for the medical expenses arising from the work-related accident, if the employee receives medical treatment at the hospital or the health centers under the Health Bureau, he/she can apply to the Health Bureau for the payment of medical expenses arising from work-related accident on credit.
Enquiry:Hospital Conde de São Januário or the health centers
Telephone No.: 8390 5000, 2831 3731

Social assistance
The injured employees and their family members who are financially impoverished due to work-related accidents can apply for financial assistance to the Social Welfare Bureau.
Enquiry:Estrada do Cemitério, n° 6, Macau
Telephone No.: 2822 1150
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