Handling/Notification of Work Accidents (Employers)

Work-related accident insurance
The employer is obliged to take out the work-related accident insurance for each employee and is required to notify the Labour Affairs Bureau of the occurrence of work-related accident, regardless of whether the injury is serious or not.

* Failure to take out the insurance is deemed an administrative offence and shall be subject to a maximum fine of MOP$5,000.00 for each employee involved.

Work-related accident notification obligation
The employer shall report to the Labour Affairs Bureau according to the time limit shown below and fill in the work-related accident reporting form:
  • In the event that the victim passed away or was admitted to hospital, notification shall be made within 24 hours after the accident occurred or the employer was notified about the accident.
  • Regarding other work-related accident cases, notifications shall be made within 5 working days after the accidents occurred or the employers were notified about the accidents.
*Failure to comply with the obligation of notification is deemed an administrative offence and shall be subject to a maximum fine of MOP$12,500.00.

Notification ways
  1. By fax: 2871 7771
  2. On-line reporting: https://www3.dsal.gov.mo/InjuryOnline?lang=en
  3. By e-mail: o.injury@dsal.gov.mo
  4. Submission of work accident notification form:
  • Labour Affairs Bureau Head Office
  • Vocational Training Centre of the Labour Affairs Bureau
  • Long Cheng Service Centre of Labour Affairs Bureau
  • Northern District Public Services Centre
  • No Centro de Serviços da RAEM das Ilhas
  • Submit the form to the counters of the following departments:*
    • Financial Services Bureau
    • Economic and Technological Development Bureau
    • Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute
* The Labour Affairs Bureau, within 2 working days counted from the submission date of the form, will notify the employer via SMS, e-mail or phone call about receiving the form.
The following up of work-related accidents
The Labour Affairs Bureau follows up the employees' work-related accidents according to its purview and what it will follow up are mainly as below:
  • Whether the employee has received compensation equal to two-thirds of the wages corresponding to the absence period or not
  • Whether the employee's medical expenses have been reimbursed or not
  • Whether the employee has recovered or not
  • Cases involving disability and death will be sent to the Court for handling
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