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The Labour Affairs Bureau, a public department of the Macao Special Administrative Region, is responsible for assisting in formulating and implementing policies concerning labour, employment, occupational safety and health, and vocational training. More than twenty years have elapsed since the Labour Affairs Bureau was established in 1984 by Decree-Law No 42/84/M of May 12. In response to the economic development and the social demand, the Labour Affairs Bureau has been reorganized by the Decree-Laws No 40/89/M of June 19, 1989, No 52/98/M of November 9, 1998, and by the Administrative Regulation No 24/2004 of July 26, 2004.

Objective / Mission / Values
Objective :
Serve the citizens and provide a high-qualified service.
Mission :
Build harmonious labour relations; enhance the quality of human resources; improve the effective use of human resources; and promote the development of occupational safety and health.
Values :
Trust; Justice; Professionalism; Courtesy.
Promote analysis and research of the social environment for labour, employment, occupational safety and health and vocational training, so as to set measures for the labour policy within the Macao SAR social and economic policy;
Coordinate the developed activities to implement the labour policy and endeavour to promote employment and vocational training;
Endeavour to develop labour relations, based on a permanent dialogue between the Government and the related social partners;
Assure and follow up the execution of administrative or legislative measures regarding labour relations and labour conditions;
Develop activities to enhance the perception of occupational safety and health and implement suitable measures in that field;
Promote labour related communication and cooperation with public or private entities in or out of Macao SAR;

Promote and implement the standards set by the International Labour Organization and applicable to Macao SAR.